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Vision Package 

60 minute phone session

Vision Wheel

Cost: $100.00    23% DISCOUNT


This package is designed to define what it is that you truly want with clear details of what that looks like.  This package is useful for clients in transitions, are not sure what they want, or would like a clearer picture. 

Clients walk away with a vision wheel that is custom tailored to their vision that is used to set goals and motivate.   


Success Package

4- 60 minute phone sessions

Guaranteed Success

Cost:  $390.00    25% DISCOUNT


In this package, you will set smart goals specific for you, and develop a plan to execute.  You will obtain tools and skill sets to keep you motivated and on tract.  This package guarantees optimal success.  Recommended for entrepreneurs, realtors, weight/fitness/health management, and relationships.  



Mastery Package

6- 60 minute sessions

Cost: $569.00     27% DISCOUNT


This package is produced for you to not just succeed, but master it. You will develop your successes to take you to the ultimate level and past.  This package is specifically developed for those who want more.  Perfect for business owners, career advancements, and marriage/long term relationships. 




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